The Choice You Can Make

So many items have become or are made to be disposable that it’s easy to forget that not everything has to be thrown away. Instead of plastic wrap, pack your peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a reusable container. And when buying a saxophone mouthpiece, look for a good quality that will not be thrown away easily. Maybe by reading customer’s testimonial could help a lot for you to decide what’s the best brand, or top brand for this kind of musical accessory. I actually found many saxophones online, some have good reputation and some are not. So choose wisely.

Zumba Dancing

I have never tried to join zumba dancing here in our place, and I wanted to try it now. I love dancing so, I guess I can easily follow the steps. I supposed to join this last summer, but I have no time to do it because I was busy with other things. In addition to that, my mom and I went to her hometown and stayed there for almost a month. Now, we are back here in the city where we lived, and I planned to buy speakers for my laptop so I can do zumba dancing by watching youtube channel. Anyhow, my son was asking about taylor koa and I said, he can find it online or at the music store nearby.

I Want a Beautiful Landscape

I have been planning to build a new house in my vacant lot probably in the third quarter of next year I hope. Actually, I just finished constructing the concrete fence, and now I started looking for a gate design that wouldn’t hurt my budget.

Since, I am not rich; I did my project one at a time. So, putting a gate is my next project. I wanted to have a beautiful garden in front of the house, or a small and yet attractive landscape with beautiful flowers on it. I know I don’t have green thumb, but I am sure I could hire somebody to plant plants and flowers for me. And the photo below is one of the flowers that I want to have in my garden. Lovely, isn’t it?



What is Constipation?

Constipation is really a subjective complaint and it just means less frequent bowel movements. The feces become small, hard, and are sometimes painful to push out. There is no such thing as a “normal” bowel movement as this may range from a bowel motion once a week up to 3 times a day.
A person’s bowel habit depends on many things, including the food you eat and drink and how much you exercise. Constipation can be caused by a variety of factors:

1. A low-fiber diet,
2. Inadequate fluid intake,
3. Poor toilet habits (i.e not going to the toilet when you need to),
4. Not enough exercise,
5. Pregnancy,
6. Side-effects of some medications and
7. Old age.

Older people, if you noticed, are usually constipated and sometimes gets obsessed talking about their bowel movements.
Slimming herbal tea usually contains senna. Senna is a laxative used by doctors to clear the bowels before a bowel examination or before surgery. Senna and other laxatives may cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, rectal irritation, stomach cramps or bloating. Some patients may also experience rapid heart rate, weakness, dizziness, fainting and sweating. It is not advisable to take these drugs for more than a week.

Looking for a High-Quality Amplifier

Last year, I bought a 150w amplifier because I have two speakers which I have never used for a long time. And I was told that the speakers would create better sounds if these attach to an amplifier. Oh, yeah, it’s true. The sounds of both speakers were really good. I can adjust or control the volume and tone. Unfortunately, the amplifier I bought didn’t last long. I thought there was a problem on one of the speakers. So, I was trying to figure it out why the volume was getting low even if it was turned in the high volume. Well, my cousin, who is a technician, told me that the amplifier had a problem and not the speakers. And next month, it’s our village feast and if the amplifier cannot be fixed, I will buy a new one, but this time; I want a good and high-quality amplifier. I was told that svt amplifier has a better quality compared to other amplifiers. So, maybe I will look for this brand here in our place.

Check Your Food Supplements and Vitamins

I have heard that there are few studies to prove that taking food supplements and vitamins will make you live longer. However, according to Lancet report, Dr. Goran Bjelakovic of Copenhagen, Denmark warns the public that taking too much food supplement and vitamins can even be harmful.

Personally, I take Myra-400 E vitamin everyday and multivitamins occasionally, especially if I feel a bit weak or tired. If you are thin, malnourished, sickly or pregnant, then you need to take vitamins.

As for other supplements, it’s a case to case basis depending on your medical condition. The best and most proven food supplement out there is Omega 3-fish oil for heart disease. Ginseng and melatonin may have health benefits too but more data are still needed. According to Herbalife, be careful what you read and believe.

Give Yourself Your Ultimate Reward

You have worked hard and have probably achieved your ultimate goal – maybe even several of them – by now. No matter how often you reach and surpass your goals, take the moment to give yourself the reward you promised yourself when the goal was set.

It is easy to brush it away and pretend it does not matter, but what you have done is nothing short of revolutionary. Seize this revolutionary spirit and forever burn it in your brain with the reinforcement of the reward you promised yourself at the outset.

Speaking of a reward, I have found great designs of key chains here in the World Wide Web. I can make it as a reward to our good helpers, clients, a gift, or as a give-away to a contest. The best thing is, these key chains can be personalized. I like the design of their keys, so I am planning now to buy a new key chain for me and the rest is for a gift. If you are interested, click the link that I have provided.

Here are some creative ways to slip some exercise into your routine.

Walk everywhere that’s less than a mile away, provided it’s a safe, well-lit route.

If walking all the way isn’t possible, park your car before you get to your destination and walk at least 10 minutes from your car and 10 minutes back.

Get up into the attic, down into basement or out to the garage and give it the cleaning you keep meaning to do. It’s not work now, it’s exercise.

Similarly, get out in the garden and pull up weeds, prune or do any other gardening activity.

Always use the stairs instead of the escalator or lift. If you’re really adventurous, try doing the steps two at a time – it will help build muscle.

Carry your baby instead of using the pushchair.

Go dancing. Hit a club and step out to your favorite tunes from the 1980s and 1990. Or go in the opposite direction and try a ballroom dancing class.

Go roller-skating or swimming. If it has been years since you’ve tried either of these, you might have forgotten how much fun they are. Be sure to wear protecting gear when you pull on those skates, though.

Hop on your bike instead of getting into the car if you’re going relatively short distances. Again, put on a helmet.

Replace Corn Oil with Olive or Rapeseed Oil

Forget all those years of brainwashing – fat can be healthy. The trick is, you have to favour the good kinds of fats (and it won’t hurt to avoid the bad ones altogether). Replacing corn oil with olive or rapeseed oil stacks the good fat odds in your favour. Monounsaturated fats, like those found in olive and rapeseed oils, lower the ‘bad’ cholesterol in your blood. The polyunsaturated fats in corn oil do, too, but they also lower your ‘good cholesterol. (Saturated fats – those found in animal products and fried foods – raise your total cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease.) When eaten in excess, polyunsaturated fats may promote cancer; monounsaturated fats protect against.

Eating a lot of food with corn oil also increases the proportion of certain fatty acids in your body. If you eat too much corn oil, you can cancel out all the good you’re doing by eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, sardines and flaxseed.

If you’re not a fan of olive oil’s distinctive flavour, try rapeseed oil, which offers a very versatile flavour that many can’t distinguish from corn oil. Buy it and try today.

Health Benefits of Alugbati or Malabar Spinach

This is one of my favorite vegetables of all time. Since I was a kid, I love alugbati mixed with the other vegetables. In the family, it is me and my mother who love this vegetable, and the rest; they don’t like it because of the sticky sap.

Anyhow, the vegetable is also known as Malabar Spinach, Ceylon Spinach or the red vine. There are two types of alugbati, the red and green vine, but both are good source of essential nutrients. It is excellent source of calcium, iron, Vitamin A, C, B, and iron. It contains saponins that act as phytochemicals. It fights cancer and other diseases and good source of fibers as well.

How about you, do you like or eat alugbati?


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