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Get Vaccinated

Yesterday, we passed along the barangay hall here in our place. I saw a lot of people at the covered court at the barangay hall. Fortunately, the tricyle we have ridden was running so slowly, so I was able to read the big banner hanging on the side of the court. It was written “Get Vaccinated”. When we got home, I asked our neighbor who is a barangay employee, and he said, there is a three days free vaccination at the barangay and today is the last day. The free vaccination is offered to the residence of the barangay only.
The medical team or immunizers give free lectures, and educate the public about each and every vaccine.

Why such an obsession on vaccines? Simple, because vaccines save and prolong lives. Think hepatitis B vaccine, polio, rabies, tetanus and pneumonia vaccines, all serious illnesses preventable by a simple vaccine. It’s easy to say that vaccines are costly and doesn’t make you feel better. But once you get hit by these disease, then it could shorten your life. In a nutshell, vaccines are the thinking man’s strategy to live longer.